Our History

Our History

In the Beginning: 1921-1935

Midway Station was started in 1921 and was open for business in the spring of 1922. Albert Nyhus (Rhoda Wold's uncle) and George Cogdell built the Station, and operated the business in partnership for a few years.

Cogdell left and Albert's brother, Tom Nyhus, went into business with him, Tom selling Chandler automobiles.

Gundar Bruaas bought the business from the Nyhus brothers in 1928 and operated the business until 1935 when he sold it to his brother-in-law, C. O. Wold.

Expansions: 1935-1975

Expansions: 1935-1975

When Wold moved to Midway from Crooks he brought with him the tank wagon business. To start with he hauled fuel in his bulk truck from Brownelle Oil Company and later Howard Falen Oil Company in Sioux Falls. Eventually, a bulk plant and loading dock were added behind the store. Fire works were sold at Midway for a number of years in the late '40′s. After the bulk plant was installed, fire works sales were discontinued.

The original store building at Midway had living quarters in the back. C.O. Wold raised his family there, and also boarded the hired men, and at times a schoolteacher. Roger & Rhoda Wold lived there in their early married years, C.O. having built a new house to the south of the Station. After Roger & Rhoda built their house (just south of C.O.'s house), some of the hired men and at one time C.O.'s sister (Emma Bruaas) lived in the rooms behind the store. In later years Roger used the rooms in the back for storage and office space.

Roger Wold bought Midway Station from his dad in 1948. In 1957, he bought into partnership of Midway Oil Company. In the year 1964 C.O. Wold retired and Roger Wold became owner-operator of Midway Service and Wold Oil Company.

A New Station: 1975-1988

A New Station: 1975-1988

In 1975, Roger's dream of having a new Station came true. The old wooden structure and the two outhouses were replaced with a new steel building with indoor plumbing. Though tire repairs were done, and new belts, tires, and batteries were sold in the old station, the new building has a shop bay, with a hoist. Tire repairs, oil changes, brake jobs are the order of the day in the new shop.

Jimmie Vollan leased Midway in 1978 and Roger continued to operate the bulk business.

The Vollan Era Begins: 1988-2004

In 1988, Jim and Tanya Vollan bought the Midway Corner property and Wold Oil Company, which became Vollan Oil Company. Roger retired - briefly - then came back to drive the delivery truck full time until 2002. In 1989, son Bruce Vollan came to work full time at the Station currently as Operations Manager.

In 1994, the parking lot was updated from gravel to concrete, and new gas tanks were buried in the process.


Over the years Midway has had many wonderful people here to wait on the customers. Former employees who have worked here over the years include Mark Haagenson, Scott Sittig, Mike Schmitz, Bud Danielson, Rodney Docken, Wally Krumm, Larry Juhnke, Alyssa Frantz, Jessica Doty, Tara Larson, Kiri Sille, Nathan Stadem, Max Keller, Jenna Brende, Molly Whipple, Abby Siemonsam, Morgan Forsch, and Marissa Whipple. Those who are gone now but fondly remembered were Gib Roland, Ernie Gulickson, Ralph Peterson, Orville, Palmer Brendtro, Bailey Munk, Charity Penning, Hunter Roberts, Megan Foster and Darwin Larson.

Currently Midway employs:

  • Jim Vollan since 1964
  • Tanya Vollan since 1978
  • Bruce Vollan since 1989
  • Travis Schreurs since 2008
  • Randy Jacobsma since 2010
  • Dustin Aspaas since 2014
  • Laurie Leber since 2014
  • Wade since 2016
  • Pam Vollan since 2015
  • Dyson Delange since 2015
  • Steve Anderegg since 2016
  • Alex Nordstrom since 2016
  • Brant Rusche since 2016


Started delivering transport loads of diesel and bio diesel


Started delivering transport loads of propane. We can deliver up to 10,000 gallons at a time but will also deliver in smaller quantities.